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The professional education to become an instructor – Enduro!

Riding a Travel Enduro Off-Road is your passion? You would like to show usefull Offroad riding skills to other people? You are looking for a possibility to get a professional Instructor education?

If so – our ÔÇ×Instructor CertificationÔÇť will be the right oportunity for you! This education is individual and exclusive and worldwide unique! There is no better possibility on the market available to become an Enduro
Instructor in Enduro / Travel Enduro segment. Our education is very detailed and you learn everything from A to Z. Of course you will be trained extensively.

After the training you will have a huge knowledge that is not brand specific and you will be able to inspire and to train your own participants as an Instructor.

The training will be held in a small group of maximum 12 international trainees. You will learn a lot of skills, share your experiences with your co-participants and have a great time. At the end of the course you will proof your skills in a theory exam followed by two practical exams. You can be proud of yourself and the know how that you obtained during the course.

This kind of education is exclusively developed by our Instructors. Our experience will guarantee an unique training. With a passed education you become a part of the Enduro Action Team Instructor Network which gives you great possibilities and offers.

Instructor CertificationExclusive Enduro Action Team Training as Instructor Offroad

ÔéČ 3.250

incl. VAT
  • Dates:
    24 – 30 June 2019 (only two left)
    11 – 17 October 2019
  • Participants:
    max. 12
  • Languages:
    English & German
  • Bikes:
    Various Travel Enduros / Adventure Bikes
  • Training supervisors:
    Bernd Hiemer, Robert Losch├╝tz as well as further trainers for special topics
  • Training location:
    Our Enduropark in Meltewitz / Germany and and further training areas of the Enduro Action Team
  • Registration:
    see booking form at the and of this webpage

Content & Services

In general, all exercises are carried out with and without assistance systems on the vehicles.
In order to have an optimal comparison, all vehicles are driven on the same tyre type.


  • Preparation of a training
  • Vehicle settings
  • Technical know-how of small repairs
  • First aid in theory and practice
  • Posibilities of warming
  • The feel-good effect / feel-good factor
  • Handling of problem situations
  • How to teach driving techniques in theory and practice
  • Setup of training stations
  • Analyze of riding techniques
  • Handling of photos and videos
  • Moderation during a training day
  • Theoretical knowledge, network, insurance, liability
  • Final examination in one theory and 2 practical parts


  • All vehicles including equipment (excess 1000,- Euro)
  • Ortema protective equipment for testing (Ortomax protectors jacket or vest and ONB system)
  • Fruits and snacks as well as drinks during the training and lunch on all training days
  • Rider shirt for passed Instructor training
  • Certificate for training and admission to the Enduro Action Team Instructor Status and thus further great opportunities for cooperation

Training location:

  • ┬áIn our Enduropark and other areas

To ensure that your license stays valid, it is necessary to absolve a further training after 4 years. The further training serves the consistent development of your abilities. It is the best quality assurance for you and your customers.

Training supervisors

Bernd Hiemer - Instruktor & 2-facher Supermoto-Weltmeister

Bernd Hiemer

Bernd, 2 times Supermoto World Champion, is the crosswise rider par excellence. He works full-time as a riding Instructor. Bernd is a certified BMW Motorcycle IIA Instructor and training supervisor and will provide a lot of energy and passion for your first class qualification.

Tobi Weiser - Instruktor und Gewinner der GS Trophy 2016

Tobi Weiser

Tobi is one of the winners of the international GS Trophy 2012 in South America and an absolute thoroughbred Off-Roader. He has also been a GS Trophy Marshall and a certified BMW Motorcycle Instructor for many years.

Robert Losch├╝tz - Instruktor und Inhaber des Enduro Action Team

Robert Losch├╝tz

Robert is an experienced motorsport trainer in the ADAC and DMSB, a certified off-road instructor (IIA and ITA) at BMW Motorrad. He is the owner of the Enduro Action Team.


Register now for your participation in the Instructor Certification. After a positive review of your submitted information you will receive a binding confirmation from us.


We would like to highlight that the Enduro Action Team Instructor training is a 100% own training. It does not replace any other trainings such as BMW Motorrad IIA certification.